BioSilta and Sigma-Aldrich sign global distribution agreement

14th October 2014

BioSilta, a developer of advanced, reagent-based microbial growth systems, has announced the signing of a non-exclusive worldwide distribution agreement with Sigma-Aldrich. Research scientists now have the option of ordering BioSilta’s EnPresso growth systems for microbial cell cultures through global supplier Sigma-Aldrich.

EnPresso B growth systems offer a series of reagent-based solutions that have been shown to increase recombinant protein yields from bacterial cultures by up to 100-fold and improve protein functionality. Products in the range include EnPresso B, EnPresso B Animal-free (certified free from animal-derived components), and EnPresso B Defined Nitrogen-free, used to significantly increase the yield of 15N-labeled proteins for NMR analysis. For ease of use, the products are supplied as pre-sterilised tablets, which are simply added to sterile, filtered water.

EnPresso growth systems are based on the company’s proprietary EnBase technology, which offers a novel approach to control the feeding, and thereby growth rate, of microbial cultures. This allows cultures to reach much higher cell densities compared to conventional growth media such as LB, TB or M9, resulting in higher yields of recombinant protein expressed under metabolically favourable conditions.

Bob Penney, CEO at BioSilta, commented: “Our approach to microbial culture has enabled many researchers to significantly increase their protein yields, spend less time optimising protein expression systems and more time focused on their true research and development objectives. We are certain that collaborating with such a well-respected supplier as Sigma-Aldrich will enhance scientists’ awareness of the benefits they can derive from EnPresso growth systems and enable the products to be sourced anywhere in the world.”





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