Bi-layer and effervescent tablets

29th March 2017

Posted By Paul Boughton

The Kilian KTP 590X rotary press is the latest model in Romaco Kilian’s successful KTP series.

The Kilian KTP 590X is Romaco’s first single-sided rotary press specifically for compressing bi-layer and effervescent tablets.

Two large, standard fill shoe modules allow efficient filling of the die with different powders.

Tableting takes place in three steps, namely tamping, pre-compression and main compression. The use of 28/41 tooling moreover extends the dwell time, which means less risk of capping and improved tablet hardness.

The new fill shoe generation has an optimised paddle design which ensures homogeneous compression of tablets with a maximum diameter of 33mm.

The Kilian KTP 590X boasts an output of up to 511,200 tablets per hour.

Process temperatures of less than 30°C, fast product changes and very high hygienic standards are also the hallmarks of the new Kilian KTP 590X.





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