Berthold Technologies

- Providing bioanalytical instruments to the life sciences market for more than 60 years.
Berthold Technologies, a family driven company with its headquarters in Bad Wildbad, Germany, has been providing bioanalytical instruments to the life sciences market for more than 60 years. The company is offering innovative products through a worldwide network of subsidiaries and distributors to customers in academic and pharmaceutical research as well as clinical diagnostics.

BERTHOLD TECHNOLOGIES is considered the worldwide leader in the area of luminescence measurement and has a record of thousands of luminometers being manufactured for research and diagnostics.
Both, the Centro microplate luminometer family as well as the tube luminometers have been designed for highest sensitivity and best usability, e.g. the portable luminometer Junior for environmental applications.
In recent years the focus has been set on multi-technology microplate readers modern measuring methods like HTRF®, Alpha® technologies, fluorescence polarisation and BRET with the Mithras providing exceptional performance especially in the field of GPCR research. A consistent development has been the Mithras² introducing monochromator technology for wavelength selection and RFID coding for positive filter identification.

In gene expression studies luciferase and GFP reporter genes have become an invaluable tool and by using the extremely sensitive imaging instruments NightOWL and NightSHADE gene expression can be monitored in living organisms.

The gamma counter LB 2111 is a robust workhorse for RIA applications with 125I and other assays using gamma-emitting isotopes, e.g. 99Tc or 51Cr.
Monitoring of radioisotope-labelled compounds separated by chromatographic techniques is one of the most powerful tools in drug, pesticide, metabolism and pharmacokinetic studies providing sensitivity and specificity with the FlowStar HPLC radio detector represents the latest development of its kind.

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