Beer flow monitor

15th October 2013

Titan Enterprises has perfected a monitor for beer flow that combines a low-cost volume totaliser with features to detect  interruption of power

Designed primarily for beer measurement this indicating meter is a stand-alone product that shows the amount of liquid dispensed since the last reset.

The unit can only be zeroed using a hand held programmer.

These units, when mounted in the main beer delivery lines, offer an integral display of flow total, and are installed using standard push-on fittings. The Titan Beer Totaliser monitors flow rates within the range 0.5 to 10 litre/min, and is accurate to better than 1.5% of flow. The four-digit LED display shows volume (pints / litres) delivered, from 000.0 to 999.9, measured from the initial zeroing, which  can be set at the start of bar service, using the hand held programmer. Any interruption of the power supply is detected and shown by a flashing display on the sensor affected.

The Beer totaliser will continue to  measure and record the flow once power is restored but the flashing display can only be corrected by using the hand held programmer. All electronics are fully encapsulated to avoid immersion damage. The Titan Beer Totaliser is constructed of food grade materials, and the turbine, mounted on sapphire bearings, has its flow rotation detected using magnets within the rotor itself and is monitored externally using non-wetted Hall Effect sensors.

Titan Enterprises supplies many different styles of plastic flowmeter for vending applications, to monitor and totalise the delivered flow, but the  features in the beer totaliser make it particularly applicable for simple monitoring of supplied totals in pub, bar and hotel service applications.

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