Autosampler for ion chromatography launched

HTA has announced the release of HT1500U, the new effective autosampler for ion chromatography. Its maker says the system boasts unmatched quality and reliability combined with an extremely competitive price.
HT1500U fits almost any IC analyser available on the market, allowing the automation of both anions and cations analysis with a unique flexible solution.
To this end, different configurations are available for HT1500U: stainless steel as well as polymeric needle are supported to deal with metal sensitive applications.
HT1500U holds up to 40 samples organised in multiple racks - each of them removable - to allow continuous sample feeding and more convenient operations. Open as well as sealed tubes can be lodged on the unit to fit any requirements.
The on-board solvent reservoir - that includes five positions for rinsing solvents corresponding to a total washing capacity of 200ml - allows for the needle and the whole flowpath to be cleaned before processing the next sample. 
HT1500U will automate IC analysis without any need of monitoring by lab technicians. The materials have been picked up to provide longevity; the up-to-date technologies offer reliability that deserves a modern instrument while the design attests extreme care in details.
It features outstanding ease of use. A simple, intuitive keypad allows the user to start the analysis by just loading standards and/or samples and pushing the start button. All the samples in the racks will be automatically processed allowing users to get a seamless integration with any chromatography data system. 
Contact person: Daniela Telaro

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