Automated tumour cell counting

4th December 2014

PathXL has announced a significant upgrade to its product, TissueMark, which will now include a powerful add-on for cell counting. 

The tumour cell counting capability is powered by PathXL’s Tissue Recognition Engine and is an extension to the current TissueMark range, designed for the rapid and automated detection and analysis of tumour tissue on digitised, H&E stained tissue samples.

The software now provides the pathologist with three separate automated methods to count % tumour nuclei on digital slides. As with all of PathXL’s products, the new TissueMark application has been carefully validated against known standards and results show strong concordance with time-consuming manual counts of tumour nuclei in lung, colorectal and breast whole tissue sections.

“Automated tumour cell counting is one of the most sought after applications in the field of digital imaging,” said Des Speed, CEO of PathXL. “I’m proud of the work our team have done here in bringing together several different approaches to crack this problem. The new TissueMark product will prove hugely valuable to those labs that need to feed accurate tumour content information into the molecular pathology process and for those wishing to establish strong quality and audit trails”





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