Automated solution for endotoxin detection

Lonza will unveil PyroTec Pro, a fully automated, plate-based robotic solution for endotoxin detection at SLAS2019 International Conference and Exhibition (2-6 February, Washington, DC, USA). Integrated with the latest version of Lonza’s dynamic control WinKQCL 6.0 software platform, the new system has been designed to meet the needs of rapidly changing requirements of QC testing laboratories for fully automated processing of simple to complex sample matrices.

At Booth #749 Lonza’s experts will provide specialist consultation along with live product demonstrations showcasing the benefits of the PyroTec Pro automated solution. As a powerful combination of robotic liquid-handling technology with an automation software module, the system: improves data integrity organically with the capture of new metadata from the automated preparation, adding traceability into tracking, trending and audit controls; takes any new and existing templates and dynamically “script” the instructions to an automation template with relatively minimal effort from the end user, regardless of how complex the sample type or testing requirements; and enhances assay robustness and reproducibility for increased confidence in the accuracy and precision of results.

It also reduces manual intervention, simplifying QC testing workflows and eliminating the human error potential and reduces re-test rates, as well as out-of-specification and out-of-trend deviations, thereby improving the laboratory’s performance.

The new solution integrates with laboratory information management systems or Lonza’s Moda solution, facilitating fully paperless workflows and traceability of sample lifecycle.

“The introduction of the PyroTec Pro automated robotic solution and WinKQCL 6.0 software marks a milestone in endotoxin detection, allowing pharmaceutical manufacturers to replace manual, error-prone processes with a fully automated solution,” said Robert Porzio at Lonza. “We look forward to demonstrating at SLAS2019 how the system can elevate endotoxin testing to a whole new level of efficiency, regardless of the complexity of sample/diluent types and analytical requirements.”

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