Automated evaporation solution

The new Genevac Rocket Synergy series is aiming to set a new benchmark in sample evaporation versatility through offering automated evaporation of a wide range of sample formats and sizes, from millilitres to tens of litres.

The Rocket Synergy can dry or concentrate up to six flasks, each containing a maximum of 450ml of solvent, or 18 ASE vials, with no user intervention or attention. To extend operational versatility the Rocket Synergy flask rotor may be quickly removed and replaced with a stainless steel vessel, allowing unattended automated batch processing of up to 5 litres per run. For larger volume applications the Rocket 4D Synergy also offers an automatic feed mode enabling processing of volumes of up to 100L in a single run. 

Genvac claims the two products are five times faster than other 'intelligent' evaporators and are each capable of replacing several rotary evaporators, saving valuable bench space and improving users’ productivity.

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