Automated cell culture system for production of complex cell lines

27th January 2016

Posted By Paul Boughton

Sartorius (formerly TAP Biosystems), a provider of automated cell culture systems and services for life science research, development and production, is launching the new SelecT Mk5 automated cell culture system for the routine production of high quality complex cell lines.

The new SelecT system has been extensively redesigned to upgrade its flask handling and pipetting capabilities, and now comes with an integrated Vi-CELL Cell Viability Analyser and a new Low Volume Reagent Dispensing module. They will explain why this makes the SelecT Mk5 system an suitable choice for scientists looking for an established method of continuous, unattended large-scale culturing of reproducible assay-ready multiwell plates, and can also support the maintenance and expansion of cell lines requiring more complex handling, such as stem cells.

The Vi-CELL was chosen for the new SelecT because the technology adapts well to the online automated measurement of cell viability and cell number required by SelecT. With the integrated Vi-CELL analyser, scientists can review numerical and image data in real time or while also having access to additional cell culture data provided by the SelecT system. The SelecT can use cell count data to automate media additions based on threshold values or seed new flasks with defined numbers of cells, providing a truly walk away cell culture system with a built-in feedback loop.

The SelecT Mk5 system’s new Low Volume Reagent Dispensing Option provides chilled storage for up to 6 different reagents and a new pipette adaptor allows 100µl-1ml to be aseptically dispensed into T-flasks. Using this feature, scientists can schedule SelecT to automatically add small quantities of expensive reagents, such as growth factors, and transfection or differentiation reagents, to their cell lines without having to load regents immediately before use.





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