Automated and programmable microtome

Sakura Finetek has introduced what it says is the next step in total laboratory automation: Tissue-Tek AutoSection Automated Microtome, advancing histopathology laboratories and improving patient care.
The company says the product is first of its kind. It is a fully-automated and programmable microtome that aligns and trims blocks with optimal precision, section after section. AutoAlign, the core technology behind AutoSection, precisely orients blocks and dramatically reduces the risk of losing tissue; which is designed to be revolutionary for re-cuts. In addition, with AutoTrim technology, blocks are ready for sectioning in seconds. Another major benefit of automation and stress free microtomy is the reduction of repetitive motion and the increase of staff satisfaction.
AutoSection ensures:
·         Consistent high-quality sectioning
·         Preservation of valuable tissue
·         Improved productivity
·         Minimal repetitive motions.

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