Assay kit for tissues, biopsies and difficult to lyse samples

Chromatrap has introduced a new and improved version of it’s popular solid phase chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) assay kit for chromatin extracted from Formalin Fixed Paraffin Embedded (FFPE) tissue.

Suitable for tissue samples, biopsies and difficult to lyse samples, the Chromatrap FFPE ChIP-seq kit has overcome the issues often associated with FFPE ChIP, by offering a streamlined protocol which provides the user with excellent quality isolated chromatin.

The new updated Chromatrap FFPE ChIP-seq kit protocol is shorter, offers increased chromatin yield / accessible epitopes and provides greater flexibility in chromatin sample loading for ChIP.

The sensitivity of the unique Chromatrap solid state platform ensures that small samples can be used with efficient enrichment of both high and low abundant targets.

Chromatrap FFPE ChIP-seq kits provide a quicker, easier and more efficient way of performing ChIP assays from a range of FFPE samples.

Using the Chromatrap technology maximises the capture efficiency of the target chromatin/antibody complex.

By avoiding the use of magnetic or agarose beads, non-specific background is eliminated together with reduced manual handling errors and subsequent sample loss.

This kit is compatible with both qPCR and sequencing as a downstream process and has a wide dynamic range, ensuring that adequate DNA is enriched for library preparation for sequencing.

The wide dynamic range of the Chromatrap FFPE ChIP-seq kit enables better results from small sample sizes and provides greater flexibility.

Prior to sequencing, DNA purification is required and Chromatrap purification columns are supplied for ease of use.

Each Chromatrap FFPE ChIP-seq kit contains sufficient Protein A or Protein G based spin-columns, buffers and reagents to perform 24 chromatin immunoprecipitation assays and up to 10 chromatin preparations.  

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