Analytical intelligence

Shimadzu applies a new qualitative approach to its hardware and software solutions, benefitting the users with a surplus of lab productivity and profitability. Under the umbrella of Analytical Intelligence, more and more analytical systems will be equipped with automated functions relieving users from organizational, input and processing works. As a first step, Analytical Intelligence functions are incorporated in selected system solutions such as the new Nexera series of (U)HPLC systems as well as the UV-i Selection spectrophotometers and the Nexis SCD-2030 sulfur chemiluminescence detection system.

Analytical Intelligence allows systems to detect and resolve issues automatically, enabling users to easily review instrument status, optimize resource allocation and achieve higher throughput. In a nutshell, the concept

  • covers automated support functions utilizing digital technology such as M2M, IoT and Artificial Intelligence (AI), enabling higher productivity with maximum reliability
  • allows a system to monitor and diagnose itself, handle any issues during data acquisition without user input and automatically behave as if it were operated by an expert
  • supports the acquisition of high quality, reproducible data regardless of operator skill level for both routine use and demanding applications.

Analytical Intelligence makes lab management simple and enables higher productivity, maximum reliability and better connectivity.

The first solutions being equipped with Analytical Intelligence functions

  • The Nexera series of (U)HPLC systems maximizes reliability and uptime with fully unattended workflows that span from startup to shut-down, such as completion of auto-purge, equilibration, baseline checks and system suitability in advance as well as auto-diagnostics and auto-recovery capabilities. With remote mobile phase monitoring and integrated consumables management, the system maximizes uptime and reliability.
  • Featuring high resolution and highest sensitivity, the new UV-1900i UV-Vis spectrophotometer targets food, pharmaceutical, life sciences and chemical markets. Users can analyze more samples daily than ever before. The UV-1900i’s connectivity allows for direct printing (via PictBridge) without a PC. Several systems can share one printer. Data can be transferred to a PC via a router-based laboratory network.
  • The new UV-3600i Plus UV-Vis-NIR spectrophotometer includes a trinity of detectors to cover UV, UV-Vis and NIR regions. This system has been designed for highest sensitivity. The standard UV-3600i Plus is designed primarily for the measurement of liquid samples, but the wide range of accessories also enables measurement of solid samples.
  • With the Nexis SCD-2030 sulfur chemiluminescence detection system, Shimadzu meets a growing demand for easy operation and maintenance as well as high stability even during long term operation for highly selective and sensitive sulfur detection systems. The Nexis GC-2030, a next generation gas chromatograph, offers world-highest level of performance. It is based on the concept of superior usability and expandability for a wide variety of analytical applications, e.g. research and development and quality control in areas such as food, beverages, fragrances, gases and fuel cells.


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