Analysis of lead in toys

Lead is a toxic heavy metal. Approximately 90% of the incorporated lead is deposited in the bones and the teeth. Because lead is released very slowly, it will be accumulated over the time in the body. This is especially dangerous for children.

The European Norm EN 71-3 regulates the limit of lead in toys. Furthermore the US norm ASTM F 963-07 regulates the concentration of lead in paints and coatings for toys (max. 600 mg/kg).

An adequate sample preparation is necessary to determine if toys fulfil these norms. The first step is to separate the different parts of the sample.

For the pre-grinding Fritsch recommends the use of the Universal Cutting Mill Pulverisette 19 or the Power Cutting Mill Pulverisette 25. The main advantage of these mills is that you can remove all grinding parts without an additional tool. This makes them very easy to clean and cross-contaminations are avoided.

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