Advanced positive displacement pipette

Although commonly used air displacement pipettes are highly accurate for most pipetting applications, their performance is adversely affected by the physical properties of the solutions handled, such as viscosity, volatility, surface tension and temperature. However, positive displacement pipettes such as Gilson's ergonomic Microman E and capillary pistons (CPs) work differently, and volume delivery is unaffected by the nature of the sample. The CPs work just like a syringe, eliminating the air cushion between the liquid and disposable piston, making it ideal for pipetting non-aqueous samples. The Microman E is a pipette that every bench handling viscous, volatile, foaming, hot or cold, radioactive or infectious liquids can benefit from.

In addition to precision and accuracy, the pipette also provides triple protection from contamination when dealing with highly contaminated or hazardous samples. Firstly, it delivers user protection: with the built-in tip ejector, there is no contact between the user’s hand, the sample and the contaminated disposable capillary piston. It also offers sample protection: residual carryover, which can interfere with highly sensitive experiments, is eliminated. Thirdly, it also delivers pipette protection: as the pipette shaft is never in contact with hazardous or corrosive samples, aerosol contamination is avoided.

Another benefit of the Microman E is how easy and convenient it is to use. CPs can be safely and securely fitted onto the pipette in only two steps, thanks to the QuickSnap system. The volume switch button also reduces the risk of accidental volume adjustment for complete confidence in lab results. As such, the pipette is ideal for both new and experienced users for consistent, reliable results.

More information on the positive displacement pipette can be found here

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