Integrated microfluidic assay system procedures

Available from Tecan Europe the LabCD reduces all of the requisite steps for a wide variety of separation and assay procedures from a macro to a micro scale integrating them into a single low-cost disposable device.

Based upon proven technology the LabCD combines microscale fluid paths, reaction chambers, and passive valves on a disposable compact disc operating on one easy-to-use automated platform. The LabCD provides a complete answer to a growing range of assays include cytochrome P450 inhibition for measuring drug-drug interactions and Serum protein-binding assays for measuring the binding characteristics of drug compounds at different serum protein-binding sites.

While the methods of analysis in these areas vary, the need to prepare samples and perform fundamental process tasks such as: separation, lysis, mixing, filtering, diluting, amplifying and detection are universal. The LabCD and, when needed, its on-board informatics capabilities, provide provides standardised, high quality results and complete sample-to-answer solutions.

The LabCD has been designed to allow users to quickly set up the system, commence applications, and proceed with other tasks as the system takes care of the different steps in various drug discovery assays. The LabCD is part of a fully integrated and validated system that performs all fluid-related functions thus guaranteeing assay reliability and consistency from one location to another and from one assay to the next. Through advanced miniaturisation, the LabCD allows users to significantly reduce sample and reagent consumption.

Tecan's LabCD microfluidics technology provides a wider dynamic range of pressures and flows than other micro-scale and nano-scale technologies.


Tecan UK Ltd is based in Theale, Reading, UK.

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