Berry fibre concentrates without additives

1st April 2013

Berry fruit juices and purees with their natural fibre content are available from Bayernwald, as well as berry fibre concentrates in a water solution.

The company says these fibre concentrates do not contain foreign additives and include all the natural components, such as secondary plant components ­ mainly antioxidants and scavengers of free radicals.

The fibre concentrate is suitable for easy application in mixed beverages and other formulations.

The fine milled fruit fibres are available as a homogeneous suspension with about 10percent solids, or already mixed in juice or puree, aseptically packed and ready for use.

Berry fibres can be added in a high quantity without changing the consistency of the final product negatively.

They show a very positive behaviour in their natural matrix and do not cause a sandy feel in the mouth or taste problems.

The optimum effect of the components is achieved due to adherence to the natural proportion of soluble as opposed to insoluble fibre contents.

Regarding safety of the products, Baywernwald says artificial influences, such as, such as bleaching, are avoided.

The following fruit fibre concentrates are available at present: strawberry; raspberry; elderberry; black currant; blueberry.

Bayernwald GmbH is based in Hengersberg, Germany.





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