Kits for purification of tagged proteins

Purify histidine-tagged or GST fusion proteins rapidly, gently and conveniently with magnetic particle technology.

PickPen magnetic tools together with QuickPick IMAC, IMAC Plus or GST kits enable purifications of tagged proteins from cell cultures in approximately 10minutes.

The kits are based on recognised affinity chemistries and contain the appropriate magnetic particles, buffers and PickPen tips. Histidine-tagged proteins are purified through the use of magnetic particles with Ni2+ions and GST fusion proteins through the use of glutathione coupled to agarose magnetic particles. Gentle reaction conditions ensure that protein function is preserved. QuickPick GST and IMAC kits are can be used whenever small scale purification of fusion proteins is needed; for screening, protein expression analysis, for pull-down assays in protein interaction studies, etc. For higher yields, up to 0.5mg of protein can be purified with the QuickPick IMAC Plus kit.

The PickPen magnetic tool is used to carry out the purification, and replaces time-consuming column technology. No centrifugation steps or organic solvents are needed. PickPen is used to lift the particles with the captured protein out of the surrounding liquid. The captured protein is moved through the subsequent washes without the use of an external magnet rack and is eluted at the end of the process. Highly pure protein is obtained with a minimum of working steps. The proprietary PickPen silicone rubber tips protect the retractable magnet on PickPen and are changed between samples to avoid cross-contamination.

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