Testing Toyopearl process materials

1st April 2013

Toyoscreen is a fast method to test Toyopearl process materials.

The small columns are suitable for selecting the correct Toyopearl material and helps in experiments to find the correct binding and elution conditions for cleaning biomacromolecules (proteins, nucleic acids)

Toyopearl resins are hydrophilic, macroporous media for low and medium pressure liquid chromatographic applications. The semi-rigid spherical beads are synthesised by copolymerisation of ethylene glycol and methacrylate polymers.

The polymeric structure of Toyopearl packings provide excellent pressure/flow characteristics. The resins are mechanically stable up to 3 kg/cm2, which simplifies column packing, reduces setup time and improves run to run reproducibility.

The Toyoscreen Series is available for Ion exchange, hydrophobic and affinity chromatography. The System exists of several 1ml and 5ml plastic cartridges and a holder. The columns can be re-used several times.

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Tosoh Bioscience GmbH is based in Stuttgart, Germany.





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