Enabling confocal microscopy

Bio-Rad latest confocal systems CellMap ID and CellMap IC are the first two models in a family of products designed to produce high quality confocal images at an affordable price for individual laboratories.

With its fast sequential scanning image acquisition and based exclusively on solid state lasers, CellMap is suitable for individuals who want dual colour imaging. CellMap ID is designed to image blue and green fluorophores and the CellMap IC designed for imaging green and red fluorophores.

The Live Cell Option available for imaging living samples, and the optional Spectral Reassignment software enables separation of overlapping fluorophores.

Features include: u Signal enhancing lens system (SELS) ­ The SELS helps increase sensitivity by collecting more light and allows use of less laser power. This enables imaging of live cells for longer periods without affecting viability. u Time Course software ­ allowing users to observe changes in signal intensities over time. You can draw around the regions of interest and live plot mean, sum and ratios of intensities in the two channels.

Due to CellMap's innovative design, users can image up to three fluorophores using only two laser sources and one detector.

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Bio-Rad Microscience Ltd is based in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire.. www.cellscience.bio-rad.com

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