Bar-code labelling

The new YSI 7100 MBS system from Analytical Technologies is designed to measure multiple chemistries, combining the proven accuracy of YSI chemical sensors with the speed of simultaneous multiple chemistry testing.

This system now also features the SmartSet reagent management system, which includes barcode-labelled reagents and fluid-level detection.

A library of information can be stored efficiently and accessed instantly for clear, precise configuration of reagents and sensors, with complete traceability.

Reagent management is further simplified using easy to install mix-and-match sensor modules with colour-coded membranes. Samples need little or no preparation and the on-line sampling option can cater for a range of culture media. Results are obtained in less than two minutes and data can be downloaded either by RS-232, RS-485, analog output or on-board printer option.

The expanding range of chemistries available includes glucose, sucrose, lactate, glutamate, glutamine, potassium and ammonium and measurement options feature a 30-position turntable, online sampling and a 5-position tube holder.

The modular design of the YSI 7100 caters for software upgrades and the touchscreen display makes programming quick and easy. The YSI 7100 has also been designed for easy cleaning and maintenance of flow components, which means servicing is kept to a minimum.

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