Production set to increase at Lithuanian cheese plant following E3m investment in automation

1st April 2013

Lithuanian cheese manufacturer Rokiskio suris AB recently signed a contract worth E3m with APV, a business unit of Invensys, to provide a new, highly automated production facility at the company's Rokiskio plant.

Rokiskio suris AB is the largest producer of dairy products in Lithuania and has now become one of the biggest within the three Baltic States. The company has grown rapidly in recent years and processes 40percent of all Lithuanian milk production. This represents the maximum production capacity limit set by the Lithuanian government. As a result the company, in addition to looking for increased milk supplies wants to increase the efficiency of cheese production while incorporating greater flexibility. This will allow Rokiskio suris AB to quickly respond to changing customer demands and bring new product lines on stream.

A large part of the Rokiskio suris AB production is the famous Goya cheese which is exported to several countries, including the USA and Germany. The daily milk intake of the dairy is 1.1 million litres, and although cheese production is the principal activity, a range of milk powders are also produced.

Rokiskio suris AB needed to enhance production by embracing modern production methods.

APV supplied two membrane filtration plants in the 1990s, but now a more extensive installation is required, including the supply and commissioning of a pre-press, a final press line, an ultra-filtration system for protein standardisation and pasteurisation equipment.





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