triple detector array

1st April 2013

Available from Viscotek, a leader in multiple detection characterisation of synthetic and natural polymers, the Model 302 triple detector array (TDA) represents the cutting edge in detector technology for pharmaceutical analysis.

Employing a concentration detector, viscometer, and light scattering detector in tandem the Viscotek TDA provides absolute molecular characterisation of pharmaceutical samples including proteins, protein aggregates, polysaccharides, PEGylated proteins, drug delivery polymers and polymers used in medical devices or packaging.

New proprietary low angle light scattering (LALS) and UV-VIS detector options further extend the utility of the system.

The triple detector array operates on-line, in a continuous-flow mode, and can be added directly to an existing GPC, GFC or FPLC system to provide molecular weight, size distribution and structural information.

The TDA system produces accurate results in minutes that other combinations of techniques typically take days to achieve.

Viscotek says it is the only detector system capable of providing both molecular weight and molecular size (to < 1 nm) in a single, simple experiment.

Incorporating Viscotek's patented four capillary viscometer detector, the triple detector array can even reveal the extent of protein denaturisation and give an indication as to the identity of the breakdown products.

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