Monochrome microscope camera for fluorescence microscopy

Jenoptik Laser, Optik, Systeme GmbH has further extended its range of high-grade digital microscope cameras.

The established line of ProgRes and MicroFire Colour cameras has recently been complemented by a purely monochrome model. The new MicroFire Monochrome relies on a Kodak CCD sensor with 7.4µ-pixel-size aperture to feature very high light sensitivity. On top of that, the CCD sensor without colour filter mask provides a uniform sensitivity over the full resolution area of 1600 x 1200 pixels. This makes the camera a perfect tool for fluorescence microscopy, material analysis and the recording of dim objects.

The two-megapixel camera provides the user a hardware accelerated clear and nearly video rate full-screen live image. This benefit allows the user to make microscope and camera settings very fast and easy. Besides this, it is also a valuable feature for workshop presentations or discussions.

Highly intuitive camera controls are provided for users to make work with the MicroFire Monochrome as easy as possible. This graphical user interface is added by a comprehensive image processing suite PictureFrame that includes a whole set of useful and time-saving image processing functions such as automated image sequencing (Time Lapse), image overlay and automated archiving. Furthermore, options for integration with TWAIN applications, for ImagePro and other image analysis programs are available.

Equipped with a FireWire interface and C-Mount, the MicroFire Monochrome can easily be connected to any microscope and computer in a matter of seconds.

The MicroFire Monochrome fits into the established product line of ProgRes and MicroFire Colour cameras. Microscope users are thus placed in a position to choose from a broad range of microscope cameras from Jenoptik. u

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