Distillation without a rotary evaporator

1st April 2013

Ilmdest from ILMVAC is a new way to distil solvents in the laboratory.

The system comprises pump, condensers, evaporative glassware with lift and a water bath.

Developed with economy and efficiency in mind, ilmdest is a complete laboratory scale distillation system which does not need a rotary drive mechanism or electronic vacuum controller.

Using a pre-pump condenser vacuum is automatically controlled at the optimum boiling point by the vapour pressure of the solvent condensate. It works with single solvents or mixes and prevents solvent abumping' regardless of external factors. No set up or intervention is required. Re-circulated air is used to increase the surface area of the solvent mix to accelerate evaporation and the removed solvent is collected at atmospheric pressure preventing cold re-evaporation. The result is a compact and cost effective laboratory distillation system with the high maintenance components designed out.

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ILMVAC is based in Ilmenau, Germany.





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