A user friendly and safe way to dispose biohazard waste

INTEGRA Biosciences has developed the Vacusafe comfort to offer an affordable and clean solution for the safe disposalof biological waste.

Up to now, mostly due to the absence of an alternative, many people working in laboratories were forced to assemble a setup to dispose of biological waste by themselves. Mostly these setups consisted of individual components such as a bottle, multiple tubing's and often a large and noisy vacuum pump.

Nowadays, with growing numbers of new regulations concerning laboratory safety and disposal of biological hazards the requirement for an affordable, clean and safe instrumental solution is notable. It has been widely recognised, that all personnel involved in such tasks should be maximal protected against any biohazard. To meet this new safety criteria and to provide a user friendly solution for disposal applications, INTEGRA Biosciences recently launched the new Vacusafe comfort.

The Vacusafe comfort has been designed to work with critical liquids. Any waste that is derived is collected in a shatterproof polypropylene 4-litre waste bottle. All parts of the Vacusafe comfort that come into contact with the aspirated medium can be autoclaved for 20 minutes at 121°C. Being ergonomically designed, the Vacusafe comfort takes little space and can therefore be used on almost any sterile work surface. Any noise can be quite annoying to people working in a laboratory, therefore the latest, silent-running pump technology has been incorporated and protected in a slim, stylish housing. A hydrophobic filter prevents liquids from getting into Vacusafe comfort's pump and pump housing.

The operation of the Vacusafe comfort is easy and user friendly. By simplemeans of switching on the Vacusafe comfort and setting the vacuum knob to the desired level, the instrument is ready for operation. The vacuum isautomatically controlled and adjusted during operation; no further user intervention is needed.

A number of useful accessories are also available. The Vacuboy hand operator can be attached to the end of the aspirating tubing. It allows the user to control the vacuum by pressing a knob. The Vacboy hand operator allows the attachment of a variety of different tip adapters to allow aspiration from cell culture vessels, centrifuge tubes, 24- and 96-well plates and sample vials.

The Vacusafe comfort, either stand-alone or with its many Vacuboy adapters, provides a safe and user friendly solution for a wide range of biological waste disposal applications. In accordance with today's laboratory regulations and safety standards, INTEGRA Biosciences offers it's customers a clean solution and protection against biohazard risks.

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INTEGRA Biosciences, Chur, Switzerland. www.integra-biosciences.com

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