"Exercise hard, recover fast"

1st April 2013

Recent trials have confirmed that a new sports recovery drink, developed by DSM Food Specialties, helps speed up recovery after intensive exercise.

The study, carried out by NUTRIM, the Nutrition and Toxicology Research Institute of the University of Maastricht (Netherlands), indicates that the new recovery drink produces better athletic performance levels than traditional, sugar-based sports drinks, with athletes using the new drink performing on average 5percent better in a time trial.

Dr Hans Keizer and Dr Eric van Breda of NUTRIM headed the research into the effectiveness of the drink. Dr Keizer comments: ""Our studies have shown that DSM's recovery drink gives significantly higher total insulin production. Insulin is a vital agent for the production of glycogen, an important muscle fuel.""

The performance of the new recovery drink is boosted by the addition of fragments of the protein casein which stimulate insulin release in the body. Insulin stimulates absorption of glucose from the blood into the muscle cells. This glucose is then converted into glycogen. The quicker this process takes place following high-intensity exercise, the sooner athletes can perform again at their optimum level. Cutting the protein into fragments removes the need for digestion of the protein; it is instead absorbed directly and quickly into the body.

Key to the success of the recovery drink is DSM's development of a new enzyme which overcomes the bitterness problems associated with previous applications of casein fragments. DSM's new enzyme cleaves casein proteins in such a way that the bitter taste is almost completely neutralised. Not only is the sports drink an effective recovery drink, it is likely that athletes will also enjoy its taste.

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