genomic DNA FROM HUMAN BLOOD: purification Sample preparation made simple WITH KIT

The latest addition to a range of QuickPick kits from Bio-Nobile Oy is a kit for the purification of genomic DNA from human blood.

The kit is based on MagaZorb technology from Cortex Biochem Inc, and PickPen magnetic particle transfer tools, which are now available in both 1-magnet and 8-magnet versions.

The kit is intended for the rapid and simple purification of genomic DNA from human whole blood, leukocytes, buffy coat and cultured cells. A purification takes less than 20 minutes and involves no centrifugation steps or use of organic solvents. The rapid and gentle procedure minimises DNA degradation.

In the purification and washing steps, PickPen is used to lift the particles with the captured DNA out of the surrounding liquid. The DNA can thus be moved rapidly and easily from one step to the next without the use of an external magnet rack and is eluted at the end of the process. The purified DNA is of high molecular weight and suitable for all amplification applications. Sample volumes used can be in the range of 1 µl to 50 µl whole blood.

PickPen contains a retractable magnet protected by a disposable silicone rubber tip. The same tip can be used throughout the different steps in the preparation of a sample, before being discarded. u

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Bio-Nobile Oy is based in Turku, Finland.

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