Confocal imaging unit for individual scientists

The development over the past 20 years of Laser Scanning Microscopy (LSM) has revolutionised the study of biological samples and tissue sections, enabling subtle changes and molecular interactions to be monitored in living cells.

With the launch of CellMap,Bio-Rad is offering individual scientists the first confocal imaging unit based exclusively on solid state lasers without compromising sensitivity or image quality.

Bio-Rad is launching CellMap with two models ­ CellMapID and CellMapIC. With its 488nm and 532nm lasers, CellMapIC is suitable for the visualisation of GFP/FITC/TRITC/Cy3 labelled proteins and structures. CellMapID, with its 405nm and 488nm lasers, is suitable for autofluorescence studies and for studying DAPI/CFP stained nuclei and GFP/FITC labelled proteins in cells.

CellMap is initially available on the Nikon TE2000 and E600 microscopes.

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