Cleaning detergents for laboratory use

1st April 2013

Laboratory cleaning solutions must be specifically formulated for the special needs of research laboratory technicians and scientists.

Tissue culture laboratories require particularly critical cleaning procedures, because any trace of chemical contamination can interfere with the growth of cell cultures in tubes or flasks. 7Xi products from ICN Biomedicals are designed for thorough, safe and effective cleaning, and arenon-toxic for tissue culture.

With normal detergents, the precipitation of solids on cleaned surfaces is a major problem. The powerful dispersing agents in 7Xi penetrate and clean minute crevices not accessible to ordinary cleaners, then reduce agglomerates to individual particles in suspension so that they are not re-deposited on the surfaces being cleaned. For additional effectiveness, the articles being cleaned can be autoclaved or boiled in the cleaning solution.

Laboratory equipment and glassware washed in 7Xi drains completely in a few seconds. Inferior cleaners can allow molecules of solute to be re-deposited on the washed surface to the extent that a visible film is present. Such deposits can affect critical experimental work. The continued use of ICN's cleaning solutions will eliminate undissolved particles and prevent redeposition of these particles. In addition, the neutral pH of 7Xi will not induce etching of delicate glassware, thereby reducing weight loss and premature breakage.

For automatic washing machines, 7X-O-Matici is specifically formulated to provide a low-foaming surfactant. It is also suitable in applications where the cleaning solution is agitated during cleaning. Both 7Xi and 7X-O-Matici are available in a standard formulation, and in an environmentally-friendly phosphate-free formulation. They are available in several different sizes for convenience and economy.

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