triple frequency detector

Lock Inspection Systems' 3f triple frequency detector is the latest in several hi-tech features introduced by Lock to heighten the performance of the MET 30+ detector. A second feature, the touchscreen, allows diagnostic software data to be viewed from the detector, so the user can identify problem areas and adjust settings to enhance sensitivity at the touch of a button.

The MET 30+ 3f detector operates at three crystal frequencies ­ low, medium and high. The detector's Automatic Frequency Selection facility will choose the optimum frequency for the application in hand. For example, when inspecting dry biscuits the detector will automatically select high frequency, whereas for a product wrapped in metallised film it will operate at low frequency. The user can rest assured that the detector's microprocessors will optimise the settings ­ whatever the product or packaging.

Other machines from Lock's MET 30+ range include the Waferthin, Pipeline and Horizontal units. The Waferthin can be slotted into packaging systems which incorporate multihead weighers feeding vertical form, fill and seal bagmakers. The MET 30+ Pipeline is designed to withstand the aggressive cleaning conditions encountered in wet food applications. The MET 30+ Pipeline detects and rejects all types of metallic contaminant in pumped products. p

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