hygienic containers for safe transport

Your aseptic production line is 100per cent safe and reliable but what about your packaging? Container users should be able to rely on the reliability of packaging used to transport their goods.

The Vitacert Label aHygienisches DesignTÜV geprüft' ensures the customer a hygienic design approved by the GermanTÜV.

As far as aseptic containers are concerned, it guarantees a compliance with the following regulations:

* European Directives 89/109/EC.

* German Regulations DIN 10502-1/-2/-3.

* FDA Standards.

* Three-A Sanitary Standard 01-07.

Stöcklin is the first and still the only container manufacturer to produce containers with the Vitacert Label.

"We want to offer a container that provides a very high security level, which is controlled and can be traced back at any time.“

The Vitacert Label requires:

* The selection of suppliers.

* The use of recognized and qualified materials.

* The use of neutral materials for the transported goods.

* Micro-biological security through proper cleaning and sterilisation process.

* A clear and simple user manual.

* A controlled design.

* The traceability of every single container.

The standards on which this certificate is based, as well as the specifications, can be consulted anytime at www.vitacert.de

In addition, Stöcklin has launched an innovative safety valve called DUOBS which has a threefold function: it is at the same time an overpressure valve, a depressurisation valve and also a bayonet ring security system.

Thanks to this additional security, the opening of the manhole necessarily requires the opening of the DUOBS valve and consequently the depressurisation of the container.

Only once the pressure relief valve is opened can the bayonet ring be manually unlocked.

This Stöcklin innovation is approved by the TÜV and Health & Safety.

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Stöcklin Logistics Ltd is based in Dornach, Switzerland. www.sld.ch

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