purification syStem prevents tainting

Anew four stage filtration system, designed for the beverage and bottling industries, reduces product spoilage by ensuring the purification of carbon dioxide used in the processes.

The system ­ from Parker Balston ­ assures users that the carbon dioxide gas stream meets the International Society of Beverage Technologists (ISBT) guidelines for carbonyl sulphide and hydrogen sulphide concentrations in carbon dioxide.

The four stages of the system for reducing product spoilage as a result of contaminated carbon dioxide are: a high efficiency coalescing filter; an activated carbon filter; a new beverage carbon dioxide purifier to remove the sulphur compounds; and an optional sterile filter.

The first stage ensures protection from sub-micron particles and bacteria. Stage two removes gaseous hydrocarbons. Stage three reduces the carbonyl sulphide and hydrogen sulphide concentrations.

Parker has created a specially treated activated carbon media with a pore structure that absorbs the gaseous contaminants but excludes the primary gas. This is held within a self-contained non-granular filter cartridge and will not pass downstream. p

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