Automatic resin and powder dispensing

Automated resin and powder dispensing is extremely useful for dispensing resins for combinatorial chemistry, scavenger resins, powders such as freeze dried antibodies, solid phase separation materials and magnetic beads for purification.

New systems are now available which are designed to sample and transfer small volumes of granular material ideal for these applications.

The advantage of an automated system is that it can be set up to accurately handle solids with high precision (eg a fixed volume tip can dispense 1.5mg ± 3per cent to 500mg ± 2 per cent) and remarkable speed. Dispensing can be carried out using calibrated, manually adjustable or automatically adjustable tips. With a single powder tip, it may only take 15 minutes to fill 96 wells of a reactor plate, vials or any other destination vessel. For higher throughput more tips can be used to dispense simultaneously.

Systems can distribute fixed quantities and variable quantities of any number of solids. Tip cleaning stations or automatically exchangeable tips mean that cross contamination is avoided.

Intuitive software, easy integration into existing database structures and the use of Excel spreadsheets have made automated systems successful tools in modern laboratories.

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