Sample purification kits for mRNA and protein

Now available from Bio-Nobile Oy is a range of kits for the purification of nucleic acids and proteins, based on BN's magnetic particle separation technology.

The QuickPick kits allow purifications that are quicker and easier. These kits are used together with the PickPen transfer tool, which is available in both 1-channel and 8-channel formats. The substance of interest is captured on magnetic particles through the use of appropriate surface chemistry on the particles. In the separation and purification steps, PickPen is used to lift the particles with the captured substance out of the surrounding liquid.

In work with nucleic acids, speed is an essential factor. QuickPick mRNA purification kits allow purifications that take only 10 minutes. For protein purification and fractionation, QuickPick kits containing magnetic particles with suitable surface characteristics replace conventional chromatography, spin columns or HPLC, and provide fast and gentle separation. u

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Bio-Nobile Oy is based in Turku, Finland.

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