Ultra-thin-layer chromatography plates

1st April 2013

The new era of chromatographic separation started with Chromolith HPLC columns. Now Merck's latest innovation in monolithic silica technology is the ultra-thin-layer chromatography plates (UTLC).

With the development of ultra-thin silica layers, Merck KGaA has marked the final step in the miniaturisation of planar chromatography.

These layers with a thickness of only 10µm are no longer based on granular adsorbents but consist of monolithic silica, eliminating the need for a binder to fix the layer on the glass plate. UTLC plates offer for the first time a unique combination of short migration distances, fast development times, extremely low solvent consumption together with an increase in sensitivity and efficiency.

With the availability of appropriate instrumentation (sensitive optical scanners and sample application systems) miniaturized planar chromatography will become a powerful alternative to other micro-analytical technologies. u

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Merck KGaA, Analytics & Reagents, is based in Darmstadt, Germany.





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