safe weighing environment

Weighing hazardous or potent substances within conventional fume cupboards is problematic.

The design of standard cabinets creates a roll in the airflow, which disrupts the operation of sensitive analytical balances.

Now available through Anachem is a completely new design of fume hood that eliminates turbulence, allowing top loading, analytical, semi-micro and even micro balances to be used accurately and in complete safety.

The Flow Sciences Vented Balance Safety Enclosure (VBSE) achieves a constant, steady, laminar airflow by drawing air into a rear plenum through specially designed slots. The opening to the chamber has airfoils of angled acrylic in the sides and top window that allow the air to smoothly enter without creating any eddy currents.

An additional turning vane foil in the base redirects air into the enclosure eliminating escape.

The quiet, compact VBSE is an ergonomically designed workstation constructed from clear 10mm acrylic with a chemically resistant phenolic resin base, designed to contain spillage's. The system design allows ease of use and equipment access. It does not require external ducting, making it mobile for siting on a bench or table top, allowing comfortable access in a seated or standing position.

Compared with traditional fume cupboards, it uses 80 per cent less air, making great savings in heating, air-conditioning and clean room conditioning costs.

The Bagout HEPA Filter has a safe change facility which avoids any contact with the hazardous waste. A complete range of activated carbon filters are also available to suit various vapour filtration needs.

Flow Sciences containment systems provide maximum protection from toxic fumes and hazardous air-bourne contaminants.

The performance is recognised to European Standards ENBS5728 and ENBS5726 making it the Safest Vented Balance Enclosureavailable. u


Anachem is based in Luton, Bedofordshire, UK.

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