plastic consumables

1st April 2013

Manufacture of precision plastic consumables by Treff is carried out by automated processes and is ISO 9001:2000 certified.

As an OEM-partner Treff develops and manufacture customised plastic consumables for manufacturers of diagnostic and laboratory equipment. Its class 10000 (GMP/FDA) and class 100 000 cleanroom production facilities allow to meet the tightest specifications for critical disposable products for diagnostic and PCR applications.Under the name of TreffLab, it manufactures universal precision tips which fit most brands of popular pipettes and are equal to researcher's most exacting demands. Microtubes with varying cap-fitting styles such as EasiFit and ClickFit and thin-walled PCR-Tubes, Strips and Plates are available RNase- and DNase-free. Deep Well Plates in PS and PP are designed for use with automatic sample handling instruments and are available sterile or non-sterile.

In addition to laboratory disposable products Treff develops and manufactures injection-moulded components and assemblies for housings of laboratory and medical instruments, diagnostic equipment and electronic measuring instruments.

In close co-operation with customers Treff utilises its advanced CAD 3D Pro/ENGINEER System to design and develop plastic parts. In-house mould production facility utilise the most modern equipment, including electro-discharge machines. u


Treff AG is based in Degersheim, Switzerland.





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