Dear benefits for luminescence assays

1st April 2013

Incorporating a clear cup well design the Krystal-K2 range of clear bottomed microplates from Porvair Sciences guarantees zero well to well light cross talk greatly improving the accuracy and precision of photometric readings.

Optimised for luminescence and fluorescence assays the novel design of Krystal-K2 96 well plates provides unmatched measurement accuracy and repeatability. The clear cup design also offers improved cell binding efficiency and allows the convenience of direct measurements on bottom reading spectrophotometers and inverted microscopes.

Constructed in high grade polystyrene, Krystal-K2 plates are available in white, black and black/white combination formats. The black plate provides the all-absorbing background needed to minimise background interference when making fluorimetric assays.

The white plate provides maximum reflectivity allowing high sensitivity light emitting luminescence assays. Maintaining the footprint of a standard 96 well plate, Krystal-K2 plates are fully compatible with almost all plate readers, robotic sample processors, and liquid handling systems. u


Porvair Sciences Ltd is based in Shepperton, Middlesex, UK.




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