Cell assay capability added to bioanalyser

Adding to the capabilities of the Agilent 2100 bioanalyser Agilent Technologies and Caliper Technologies have introduced the 2100 Bioanalyser Cell Assay Extension and a Cell Fluorescence LabChip kit.

Jointly developed by the two companies, the new products enable biochemists, molecular-, protein- and cell-biologists to perform cell assays, thereby making the 2100 bioanalyser what is claimed to be the industry's only platform able to analyse RNA, DNA, proteins and now whole cells.

With lab space being scarce in many companies, Agilent and Caliper are responding to a critical customer need by exploiting the flexibility that can only be achieved by lab-on-a-chip technology. Customers using the cell assay extension and the Cell Fluorescence LabChip kit will also benefit from the ease of use of a personal system with low cell consumption.

Together with the newest version of the Agilent 2100 bioanalyser the cell assay extension provides additional capability for pressure-driven sample movement in addition to the existing electrokinetic liquid movement and electrophoretic separation capabilities.

The new capability also further extends the application portfolio of the bioanalyser from molecular separation assays to simple flow cytometric analysis, for a broad range of cell parameters and a variety of cell samples. Analysis of endogenous fluorophores, like green fluorescent protein (GFP), extra- and intracellular-antibody staining, as well as apoptosis detection by Annexin-V binding are amongst the first applications.

Cell assay applications, such as fluorescently labelled Annexin-V for apoptosis detection, as well as monitoring of transfection efficiency by antibody staining or GFP detection, are now possible in addition to the existing electrophoresis-based separations. The new Cell Fluorescence LabChip kit provides special chips and reagents that allow analysis of up to six pre-stained cell samples per chip. u


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