spectrometer is rugged and reliable

1st April 2013

The IR300 FT-IR spectrometer is the newest generation of the rugged and reliable instruments designed by Thermo Mattson for routine analysis. This system is suitable for environments that demand simplicity and dependability from their instrumentation.

The IR300 gives the functionalityneeded without the complexity that you may encounter when using other FT-IR systems. It is a suitable tool for laboratories involved in the testing of a wide variety of samples and materials.

Applications include quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) and educational uses, etc. The IR300 specifically addresses the need for a simple-to-use, reliable and affordable FT-IR to meet everyday application requirements.

The design is very compact(46 cm x 45 cm) so it saves on valuable lab space. The IR300 sample compartment is industry-standard sized and equipped for transmission analysis with a standard 2x3-in sample holder.

The IR300 offers many features to ensure reliability including: u Corner Cube Optics to ensure optical alignment accuracy. u Quadrascan Interferometer to provide exceptional stability. u High Intensity Ceramic Source. u High Sensitivity DTGS Detector u Auto-Alignment with computerised optimisation interferometer to maintain highest possible throughput. u Sealed and DesiccatedOptics with standardinternal polycarbonate bubble for optics protection withuser changeable, rechargeable desiccant cartridge. u Short Optical Pathlength to provide maximum control of atmospheric interferences such as water vapour and carbon dioxide. u

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