docking vessels for water purification systems

ELGA LabWater, the laboratory water purification specialist, has launched the DV25 and DV35 docking vessels to complement and add to the flexibility of its PURELAB Prima, PURELAB Option and MEDICA water purification systems.

The DV25 and DV35 Docking Vessels are aplug-in' high purity water storage reservoirs. The unique sit-on adocking station' design concept means that the reservoir forms a smart and tidy integral unit with the PURELAB or MEDICA water purification system with no exposed interconnecting tubing or wiring.

The plug-in approach means simple, mistake-free installation and provides unobstructed access for servicing and routine consumable replacement without the need to remove the system from the docking vessel. The DV units are designed to minimise the amount of valuable bench top space required, and the units can also be wall mounted.

The reservoirs are roto-moulded in polyethylene to give a crevice-free low leaching internal finish which minimises the possibility of recontamination of the stored water, either by bacteria or organic compounds. A self-draining base prevents areas of static water within the reservoir and reduces rinse out times. Level indication is provided via the PURELAB or MEDICA's GRID user interface, so there is no requirement for a clear awindow' which would promote algal growth in the reservoir. u


ELGA LabWater is based in High Wycombe.

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