Test facility for fluid bed drying

1st April 2013

The MP-Micro fluid bed is a bench-top machine which allows laboratories to optimise formulations and identify process parameters for a wide range of products. It is designed for research and development projects and is claimed to have the flexibility of a full sized fluid bed dryer in a compact unit.

The unit, according to makers Niro Ltd, is suitable for testing small quantities of materials before making decisions about their future commercial viability.

The MP-Micro offers fluid bed drying, spray coating, spray granulation and dry mixing.

It provides secure product handling and containment; variable control of process airflow, temperature and liquid addition, and it has interchangeable product containers.

The MP-Micro is, says Niro, easy to strip down for cleaning and features a filter blow-back system.

Niro Ltd is based in Abingdon,

Oxfordshire, UK.

Fax: +44 (0) 1235 554140.





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