Stirring blocks designed for automation technology

1st April 2013

The most recent generation of the proven Variomag reaction blocks, by H+P Labortechnik, offers all the features that combine chemistry and substance research demand: parallel synthesis and a completely automate process. This system is so flat that it is easy to integrate with pipette robots (liquid handler) such as a Tecan Genesis.

The new generation of stirring blocks has been specially designed to serve the needs of automation technology. With its total height of only 150 mm, two modules combine all the functions of the familiar blue reaction block. This compactness and its resistant stainless-steel exterior permits well-defined stirring, fast heating to +200 °C and ­ using a powerful cryostat ­ even cooling to -80°C.

As in almost all Variomag magnetic stirrers, the strength of the new Variomag reaction blocks is in its inductive stirring drive. The Variomag drive operates without any moving parts such as belts, bearings or motors, making it 100 per cent wear-free and maintenance-free.

The improved Variomag stirring drives offers noticeably improved effectiveness, covering a wide range of speeds from 100 to 2000 rpm.

Like its predecessors, the basic module stirs and tempers reagents in 96 test tubes 100 per cent synchronously, processing up to 96 tubes concurrently in a most effective manner. The cover module contains the reflux cooler, very effective thanks to the contact rings that hug the wall of the vessel without forming any gaps or cracks. The inert gas cover creates a closed system with a controlled atmosphere. The septate portions of the cover can be perforated to add reagents or take samples.

An optional viewing window can be integrated in the stainless-steel frame. This enables the operator to view at least two reference samples in an otherwise completely sealed reaction block.

The optional TELEMODUL 40 CT digital control unit is operated using a user-friendly menu. With three individually definable program keys it offers both sophisticated features and ease of handling. The RS 232 interface connects the TELEMODUL 40 CT to automated system.

The KOMET 8 S stirring disc and the KOMET 16 R stirring rings are the perfect complements for this system. Thanks to the clever positioning of their magnetic cores, KOMET 8 S and KOMET 16 R will stand erect during the stirring process, stirring the tube content powerfully and effectively with their entire face area. Moreover, the high-energy magnetic material (SmCo) from which the stirring disc is made generates considerably more magnetic power than conventional AlNiCo stirring bars.


H+P Labortechnik GmbH is based in Oberschleissheim,





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