IR microscope speeds sample analysis

1st April 2013

The Centaurµs infrared (IR) microscope, from Thermo Nicolet, has been designed for the rapid throughput of samples in the pharmaceutical, polymer, forensic and microelectronic industries.

Advanced engineering and microscopy software have resulted in a system that analyses samples more than four time faster than other IR microscopes, according to the company.

This microscope uses the latest optical design that aids the collection of data. It is no longer necessary to switch from view to collect each time the user wants to look at a sampling point. Now the user can simultaneoulsy view the sample area, collect and view the spectrum using the Simul-View system which aids the process.

The simultaneous view and collection of data from a sampling area typically takes less than two minutws to perform.

Rugged, slide-on, attenuated total reflectance crystals (ATR) are user changeabel in seconds and the 10 times objective is pre-aligned.

IR spectra are efficiently collected from samples dpwn to 20µm, and the standard contact alert signals the optimum ATR pressure which helps elimiante potential crystal damage.


Thermo Nicolet is based in Warwick, UK.




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