new PC product line aims to solve tough global problems

In order to satisfy requirements regarding Internet and local area network (LAN) applications, Eurotech, one of the leaders in the field of embedded high performance digital systems for industrial, telecommunication and scientific applications, aims at providing a global solution called EmbeddedDNA. This is a new concept that allows the company to develop distributed systems (Internet-WAN, LAN, FieldBus) based on the PC/104, PC/104 Plus and CompactPCI modules.

Its target is to supply customers with reliable PC-compatible products especially designed for rugged industrial environments.

The company's market position includes three sectors:

€ Engineering support services and turn-key development of embedded system boards.

€ Development of custom and standard products for industrial applications.

€ Development of enhanced solid state electronic components (chips).

Its product line includes several items:

€ PC/104 (ISA bus) and PC/104 Plus (PCI bus) modules such as CPU, SVGA, IDE, SCSI, PCMCIA, Ethernet, Sound Blaster, Serial, ProfiBus, CAN, digital and analogue data acquisition, Modem/Fax, FireWire and GPS.

€ CompactPCI modules with 3U and 6U form factor: CPU boards based on high performance processors (such as Pentium II and III mobile processor), SVGA boards, Ultra-Wide SCSI controllers, FastEthernet controllers, PSPs, Data Acquisition boards, Digital I/O boards, PCMCIA modules.

€ OEM systems based on the PC/104 and CompactPCI standards for automotive, telecommunications, security and industrial automation.

All its products are designed to resist vibrations, humidity, and both extremely high and low temperatures.

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Eurotech SpA is based in Amardo, Italy.

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