3D scanning solution developed for tumour measurement

Fuel3D, a provider of innovative 3D scanning solutions, has announced the launch of Bio Volume.

The high-precision 3D scanning system for measuring subcutaneous tumour volumes in mice has been developed in partnership with a leading pharmaceutical company to improve measurement accuracy, inter-operator consistency, animal welfare, compliance and workflow efficiencies.

Bio Volume has been developed and extensively evaluated in the EU and US over the past 24 months, fulfilling all the scientific requirements set for the solution. It is also undergoing evaluation with other world-leading academic and pharmaceutical laboratories and Contract Research Organisations (CROs).

Using a combination of stereo and photometric imaging to capture tumour volume data, Bio Volume has been designed to monitor disease progression and response to therapy during in-vivo oncology studies.

The easy-to-use system eliminates the operator bias of manual calliper readings and early indications from studies show it can reduce the handling and number of animals needed in trials.

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