PPPs standing behind the growth of pharma R&D

In the past years, many blockbuster drugs lost their patents. To avoid the resulting decline in sales, pharma companies had to start looking for new wonder drugs. Considering the main factors such as time horizon and financial resources, they found the solution in public private partnerships.
Understanding future opportunities and challenges for further joint industry-academia collaboration in drug discovery and development, big pharma already launched academic medical centres. Their mission is clear – to deliver innovative medicines that will improve and save more lifes, as well as  technically demanding new cures, that individual companies  couldn't afford to pursue alone.
Inspired by the contribution public private partnerships have brought to drug research and development over the past years, Fleming Europe has decided to include the topic of PPPs into its 2nd Annual Open Innovation in Pharmaceutical R&D.  
Therefore on 15 – 16 May 2013 in Amsterdam, 100+ experts will gather to discuss not only the shift to openness but also the importance of PPPs in the fast growing and ever changing life science industry.
The advantages resulting from public private partnerships are obvious. Businesses can benefit from sharing knowledge, research materials and costs, and in doing so increase their productivity, but...
...is this the real motivation of academic, research institutions or the government to partner up with big pharma? Is it equally beneficial for all partnering sides? What are pharma companies looking for in open innovation and partnering up with academia? And how does it work in practice?
On the second day of the event, experts from Bayer, Novartis, Genmab, Merck Serono, Lundbeck, and others will reveal the answers. Furthermore, in the course of 7 case studies, participants will gain insight into both academia and industry perspectives, changes in funding schemes, the role of government in fostering PPPs, as well as driving innovation through venture capital and much more.
The full event program can be downloaded here.
If you don't want your ideas to  gather dust, join Fleming Europe's 2nd Annual Open Innovation in Pharmaceutical R&D. You are also welcome to join discussions in the Pharma R&D and Clinical Trials Forum

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