New, metal-free interiors for safety storage cabinets

24th March 2013

Type 90 safety storage cabinets with standard metallic interior will develop corrosion if they are not only used for the storage of flammable liquids but additionally for storing small quantities of aggressive materials (acid or alkali). The hazardous vapour from acids or alkalis will react with the metal and cause it to rust. Although this is a common storage occurrence in all working environments it will shorten the working life of the safety storage cabinet and reduce its protective capabilities. Corrosive substances can also affect the cabinet’s sump, thus increasing the risk of leaks.

To address this problem, asecos has developed new metal-free interiors for safety storage cabinets to ensure the integrity and protective performance of Type 90 cabinets that are normally used for the storage of flammables, even in cases where, owing to lack of space, small amounts of aggressive substances are stored additionally. Every part of the interior that is permeable to corrosive vapours is made of non-corrosive material. The height-adjustable shelves and all internal coatings are made of melamine-clad chipboard. In addition, each storage shelf has its own polypropylene sump; the sump at the base of the cabinet is made of the same material.

This metal-free construction means that the cabinet can be used to store both flammable liquids and acids or alkalis. (Note: Acids and alkalis should not be stored in the same unit as dangerous vapour mixes can occur.) Large quantities of acids and alkalis should be stored in special acid/alkali cabinets.

Tested and certified
This storage-cabinet interior specially designed by asecos uses no metal parts and meets the highest safety standards. asecos commissioned an independent test of the Type 90 cabinet with the new metal free interior in accordance with EN 14470-1. This standard requires shelves to continue to bear a maximum load after being subjected to a test fire for at least 90 minutes. It also requires the cabinet’s base sump to maintain its integrity for the duration of the fire. The Type 90 cabinet with metal-free interior from asecos passed all tests.

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