Phase Focus signs licensing agreement with Gatan, the world’s leading manufacturer of instrumentation for electron microscopes

4th March 2013

Phase Focus Ltd., the company that is revolutionising
microscopy and imaging with its lens-free Phase Focus Virtual Lens® technology,
has announced that it has entered into a Licencing Agreement with Gatan Inc.,
the world's leading manufacturer of instrumentation and software used to enhance
and extend the operation and performance of electron microscopes.

The Agreement provides for joint development of a range of products, including a
Virtual Lens “add-on” product for existing electron microscopes. Once fullydeveloped,
the product will be marketed by Gatan through its world-wide sales and
distribution network.

The Virtual Lens is a digital replacement for the conventional image-forming optics
used in imaging and microscopy. As well as eliminating the limitations and
aberrations of conventional lens-based instruments, it can be exploited to visualise
and quantify numerous specimen attributes such as surface topography, thickness
and refractive index variations, or electric and magnetic field phenomena.

Dr. Sander Gubbens, Gatan’s Chief Operating Officer, said, “Gatan has always been
at the forefront of developing and delivering the most advanced and highperformance
products into the electron microscopy market. We are confident that
the Phase Focus Virtual Lens will provide a new dimension of information not
otherwise available to users, and ultimately provide atomic-scale resolution beyond
the current limits accessible by conventional electromagnetic lens technologies.”

Dr. Ian Pykett, Phase Focus’s CEO, said, “We are delighted to have entered into this
Agreement with Gatan, an internationally-respected developer of products that are
sold both to end-users and to almost every electron microscope manufacturer.

Gatan’s unmatched market reach will ensure rapid and widespread penetration of
our Virtual Lens technology into the marketplace. It is especially pleasing to see that
Gatan has fully shared our vision of what our disruptive lens-free technology can
offer to the electron microscopy community, and we look forward to seeing that
vision translated into reality over the coming months and years.”





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