Pipette controllers offer perfect combination of speed and fine dosing

INTEGRA has launched a new video  that demonstrates the perfect combination of speed and fine dosing that is routinely possible with its PIPETBOY range of pipette controllers.

Today research, quality control and clinical laboratories require precision pipette controllers able to exactly dispense small volumes of liquids, reproducibly. As a consequence pipette controllers must reliably offer the highest accuracy, precision and robustness over many years of use.

Reproducibly accurate pipetting depends on precise graduations on the serological pipette and on the ability to accurately match the liquid's meniscus with the graduation mark. Proven in hundreds of thousands of installations worldwide - PIPETBOY pipette controllers benefit from a unique valve and dosing system, which offers unmatched control of pipetting speed, from fine dosing to fast liquid displacement.

Using PIPETBOY is extremely simple. For fast filling and emptying the pipette, simply fully depressing the pipetting triggers enables productive pipetting speeds of up to 12 ml/s. By lightly pressing the aspiration and dispense triggers, the liquid meniscus can be accurately adjusted to the pipette graduation mark ensuring top pipetting precision.

To watch the new PIPETBOY video please visit

For further information on the PIPETBOY range of pipette controllers please contact INTEGRA on +41-81-286-9540 / +1-603-578-5800 or info@integra-biosciences.com.  

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